Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Things We Love About March

March is a tough month to love. It bridges winter and spring, and people are often wishing it away in anxious anticipation of April. It can be cold. It can be snowy. It can be grey.

But while we are often at our wits end with winter by the time March rolls around, there's a lot to look forward to during the year's third month. Of course, there's the revelry of St. Patrick's day, the excitement of March Madness, and if you're a student, Spring Break. We continued looking, though, and found a lot about March that excites and inspires us. Here are 5 things to love about March:

1.) Inspirational Oscar winners.

What draws us to the Oscars, besides the great films, and of course the high fashion, is watching people bask in "their moment." Seeing larger-than-life celebrities become overwhelmed by the joy of winning the coveted gold statue stirs something inside all of us.

2.) Playlists packed with our favorite music.

March is a great month for discovering new music. Whether you're trapped inside on a snow day with your laptop and a cup of coffee, or looking for upbeat songs for outdoor spring running, it's a great time to update your playlists. We're looking forward to several new album releases this month, including Sparks from Imogen Heap (March 3rd), Aloe Blacc's Lift Your Spirit (March 11th) and Foster the People's Supermodel (March 18th).

3.) Travel plans.

Maybe you're heading to Mexico for Spring Break, or you might be just looking forward to an upcoming weekend with old friends. Either way, March is the best time to get excited for adventures to come once the weather gets warmer. It's the perfect time to make plans for spring and summer, or just get on a travel website and dream.

4.) Spring blooms.

It's hard to contain your excitement on the day when you go outside and it seems like spring blooms popped up over night. This month we're looking forward to seeing the first tulips and daffodils sprout out of the ground, and the trees start adding some green again.

5.) Bringing out spring clothing.

This winter has been long. A little too long, we think. We're ready to put away the chunky sweaters for colorful tops and printed dresses. While March can still be very cold, it's the perfect month to make room in your closet for new spring clothing and start thinking about what you'll wear to spring weddings, graduations and nights spent dining al fresco. We can practically feel the warm breeze now.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

And the Pantone Color is....

Radiant Orchid 

On December 5, Pantone released the Color of the Year for 2014 -- Pantone 18-3224 Radiant Orchid.  Our guess was Rose Sherbet, which is a close pastel-like color.  Radiant Orchid incorporates pink, purple, and fuchsia undertones to encourage creativity and originality, according to Pantone's Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman.   

Following the footsteps of last year's Color of the Year, Emerald, Radiant Orchid is a rich, royal color that can transcend seasons for year round wear.  We are so excited to incorporate this color into our wardrobe for 2014.  Here are a few ways to wear Radiant Orchid that we have already found and love! How will you integrate Radiant Orchid into your style -- make-up, nail polish, accessories, or clothing?  Post your favorite way to wear Radiant Orchid in the comments below!

Darling Emily Knit Top

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Guide to Holiday Gifts

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a bunch of magic elves to read our Christmas List and check them twice. Thankfully, we have created a list of presents for every type of friend on your list! 

The Tech Savy
We all have that one friend whose's life revolves around her phone and she would be completely lost without it! A cellphone case is the perfect gift for her. Not only does it protect her most valuable possession but it also makes it easier for her to find it in a big purse or at a party when everyone has the same phone model.

The Preppy Southern
Not sure how to identify this friend? She wears Lilly Pulitzer prints year round, wishes Jack Rogers made boots, and does not go anywhere without her tumblr full of sweet tea. She probably already owns a couple monogramed items but she could always use more! From jewelry to purses, we have a large selection of items in multiple colors that are sure to fit her style perfectly.

The Soon to be Wed
That bride-to-be friend is probably already stressed planning all the little details for her upcoming big day. To remove one less worry, make her a kit full of wedding day beauty essentials. Include Spanx, fashion tape, and shoe grips. This will relieve all fashion worries and make sure she shines on her wedding day!
Hollywood Fashion Tape


The State Enthusiasts
Everyone has a place they call "theirs" -- Maybe she grew up there or it is where she went to college. That state is close to her heart and she is always quick to explain why her state is the best. Give her a state necklace so she can show off her hometown pride to the rest of world!

The Local Lover 
This friend spends her weekends at farmer's markets, lives for Small Business Saturday, and is willing to go out of her way to support local organizations rather than big chains. Give her a gift she would love based on its beauty and locality -- Jewelry by Erin McDermott. Erin graduated from the University of Virginia in 2006 and now runs her own business of handmade jewelry made of domestically sourced materials. 

The Friend Studying Abroad
You are going to miss this friend when she leaves next semester for her amazing European adventure! We love American clothing trends but everyone knows they are two years behind European fashion. For this friend, pick out that perfect piece from European designers like French Connection or Darling so she will fit in while abroad. Plus, she will remember you every time she wears it!
Darling Hazel TunicFrench Connection Kitten KnitsFrench Connection BornToBeFree
                                                                    Darling Knit Tunic                              FC Kitten Knits                                 FC BornTobeFree  

Finding that perfect gift can be hard but by thinking about what your friend is really into, gift giving can be made easy! Think about your shopping list -- Do you know anyone who would fit our suggestions perfectly? Or is there another friend type we missed? We would love to hear your comments on more Duo gift ideas!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Whites

Popular social sentiment holds that you should not wear white after Labor Day, but what does this really mean? Does the rule apply universally to all outfits and accessories having a majority of their color being white, or are their specific conditions - such as not on shoes but it is okay if the color is more of an ivory, the exceptions could go on. We want to debunk the myth with examples of what can be a winter white

1. Little White Dress 
Everly Print Tank Dress
Everly Print Tank Dress
Julila Zig-zag Shift Dress
Julila Zig-Zag Shift Dress
Might as well start by tackling the most daunting question, what amount of white on dresses is appropriate in the winter? 

Patterned dresses with white as an accent or even the dominate color are usually okay. The mixing of it with other colors, such as black or navy mellows down it's brightness and makes it suitable for every day wear. 

Lavand Cableknit Sweater Dress
Lavand Cable Knit Sweater
Darling Pearl Dress
Darling Pearl Dress
But what about an all white dress - these pieces can be winter appropriate, but only for a special occasion or paired with another color accessories. For everyday wear, white is a little overwhelming and bright for causal events but special occasions such as a party, or family gathering can be a great time though to wear an all white dress and really stand out! 

2. Walking in White 
White shoes, from patent pumps, to suede flats there are lot of options when it comes to winter footwear, but taking into account the elements, it is often not practical to wear white as it is susceptible to getting dirty. That being said we would say no to white heels, but patterned shoes with white accents can be a great option. 

FC Lana Lurex Peplum Top

French Connection Peplum Lace Top
3. Totally into Tops
Darling Karmen Coat
Darling Karmen Coat

When it comes to tops, there are no limits to how much white you can wear up top. From jackets, to tees, to blouses this is a perfectly acceptable way to rock this color in the winter!

4. Bottom's Problem
White skirts and pants are a more difficult subject. Here is where the distinction between, white, ivories, and taupe, really comes into play. Though white is becoming a more popular bottom choice for winter wear, like with shoes they pose the problem of getting dirty. Ivories and taupe offer a nice solution. The darker colors not only hide minor stains more, but also provide a mute approach that is more winter appropriate than a crisp white. 
BCBG Silvie foil print skirt
BCBG Foil Print Skirt
Paige Hidden Hills straightleg

5. All Iced Out
Flower with Pearl Studs
Pearl Studs 
Accessories in white are the easiest, and least controversial way to rock the winter white. Anything from earrings, necklaces, belts, and purses can be that crisp, clean, and bright white to bring a pop of fun to any outfit. 

All year round there are great ways to wear white. What do you think, would  you rock the winter white? 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday... what about Small Business Saturday

Black Friday is an infamous (and sometimes crazy!) shopping day after Thanksgiving. Love it or hate it, but there are certainly great deals to be had! Figuring out the best sales can be tricky and battling the crowds can be a hassle. Although we don't have the answers to your all Black Friday woes, we do know a lot about another shopping day called Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday first started on November 27th, 2010 by the credit card company American Express. Since small businesses cannot compete with the deals offered by larger competitors on Black Friday, this separate date was a way for these local establishments to put on sales that they could support.

We are so excited to be putting on our third year of amazing Small Business Saturday deals! On November 30th, our Corner location on Elliewood Avenue will be open from 8AM to 4PM with 30% off everything until 10AM and then 10% off for the rest of the day. Our Pop-Up Location at the Shops at Stonefield will offer 20% off all day on Black Friday and 10% off all day on Small Business Saturday!

Also online starting Thursday take 20%, using code TURKEY20
In the spirit of giving, Duo will be having a giveaway with purchases made on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! With any qualifying purchase of $50 or more, you will receive a two-pack of elastic hair ties in fun, festive prints! They are a perfect stocking stuffer for someone or your list or keep them to yourself after a long day of shopping! (Limit one per customer. While supplies last.)

Shopping small is all about supporting local businesses with local owners and employees which gives back directly to your community! So this Saturday, remember all of your favorite locally owned businesses in your area and shop local!